The Bruins Are Legit!

If your not watching this Bruins team right now then your truly missing out on some great hockey.

Their Defense has been insane the last few games including some amazing saves by Rask. This team is firing on all cylinders right now and thank god that Buffalo has Miller to keep them in these last two games.  He is an amazing goal tender who made about 10 highlight reel saves in game 3.

The B’s lead this series 3 games to 1 and might get Savard back soon.  Playoff hockey is so intense that you need to keep a heart monitor close by.  I think the B’s have a real chance to go deep into the playoffs.

The B’s Could Win It All

I know its a crazy thing to say and probably sounds a little “Fanboy” or even “Knee Jerk” based on just a couple periods of hockey but the Bruins actually do have a chance to win the cup this year. I wouldn’t bet the farm on them or even a beer because I think they are still a long shot but they have it in them. They can play good hockey and put up a fighters chance and that is what the playoffs are about. 

If Savard can come back and contribute that gives them the goal scoring they lack.  They have the goal tending, the last few games they proved they had the defense and grit, and if they can put the puck in the net enough they can beat anybody.

I have my black & gold on in support!

Matt Cooke Gets His Punishment

It didn’t come from the Bruins but it came none the less.

Matt Cooke gets one punch knocked out:

Matt Cooke vs Evander Kane Apr 10, 2010

Bruins V.S. Sabers Preview

The Bruins & Buffalo Sabers will meetup this Thursday night to start their playoff matchup.

The Bruins lead the season series 4-2 (Miller Missed Four Of These games.  w/Miller the head to head is is 2-2)

Nov. 7 at Boston: Bruins def. Sabres 4-2
Nov. 20 at Buffalo: Bruins def. Sabres 2-1
Jan. 29 at Buffalo: Sabres def. Bruins 2-1
Feb. 9 at Buffalo: Bruins def. Sabres 3-2 (OT)
March 29 at Boston: Sabres def. Bruins 3-2
April 8 at Boston: Bruins def. Sabres 3-1

Both teams have great goal tending in Tuukka Rask & Ryan Miller. The key to this matchup is if the Bruins can overcome their loss of Savard and Seidenberg, 2 guys that will be missed come playoff time.  The Bruins are a gritty team that have proved they can overcome adversity but I don’t like their chances without Savard in this lineup.  They don’t have the goal scoring power they need to go deep into the playoffs and unfortunately they face Miller, possibly the best in the business right now.  I don’t see the B’s getting past the Sabers but I hope they prove me wrong.



Will The Bruins Get Payback?

The talk in Boston is that the Bruins need to do something to get revenge/payback for the hit on Savard a few weeks back. They visit the Pen’s again this Thursday and the talk radio stations have been buzzing for 2 weeks that something needs to be done.  Our guess is that it will be a physical game but very anti-clamatic leaving B’s fan’s high and dry.

Boston Sports Teams In A Lull

The Hub Of Sports Has Hit A Rough Patch

With New England Patriots season over, the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins were left with the task off shouldering the load of Bill Belichick’s bunch failures.

But, ever since the NFL season came to an end for Patriot fans, the B’s and C’s have hit a snag and are reeling as of late.  With both teams in a funk, what do Boston sports fans have to look forward too?


I mean, it’s only 41 days until Spring Training starts.

Not so fast folks.  Kevin Garnett returned to the Garden parquet on Friday night after missing 10 games with a hyperextened right knee and scored 13 points to propel the Celtics to a 98-95 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers to snap a three-game losing streak.  

There is a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel for Boston fans even if that light doesn’t reflect the Boston Bruins at the moment.  The Bruins are now losers of five straight and hold the ninth-place spot in the Eastern Conference.  Things are falling fast for the lifeless Bruins who are playing with the urgency of a pre-season practice rather than a January playoff implication game as the Black and Gold may have hit rock bottom today with their 5-1 loss to the bottom-dwelling Carolina Hurricanes.  

So, with the bleak play of the Bruins, at least the news of Garnett’s return can bring some life back to the Hub.  Maybe Beantown fans can have something to look forward too other than Casey Kelly updates.  

Or American Idol.

Even with snow still on the ground and temperatures south of 32 degrees, the NBA season is about to start heating up and so too should the play of the Boston Celtics. And even with the discouraging play of the Bruins, don’t throw the towel in yet.  The Bruins still have over 30 games left on the schedule and that’s plenty of time for them to turn their season around.  

So keep your clickers tuned to NESN and FSNE, you sure don’t want to miss anything good.  

Bruins Look To Satan For Offense Help

BOSTON, Mass. — The Bruins made the signing of
veteran winger Miroslav
official Sunday and he was on the ice skating at the team’s practice
at Ristuccia Arena in Wilmington, Mass.



“I think this is a team which will have a chance to go deep in the playoffs
and I think the way the team is built, I think it could use a player like me,”
Satan said.

Satan’s friendship with Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara also played a part.-Full Story

Winter Classic was “Classic”

The Boston Bruins beat the Philadelphia Flyers 2-1 before a packed Fenway
Park on Friday in the outdoor contest that has caught the imagination of the
public and sponsors.

More than 300,000 fans entered a lottery for the 39,000 tickets on offer
while television ratings have skyrocketed.

“If there is any indication to the traction this is getting from sponsors and
advertisers — business partner investment has increased at about 66 percent a
year so the message is taking hold,” Bettman told reporters.

“The business community has realized and recognized that this is a great way
to reach customers, to reach sports fans, to reach our fans.”-Full Story

What Boston Sports Fan Should Be Thankful For These Holidays…

Lots To Be Thankful For As A Boston Sports Fan

Tis’ the season to be jolly, or at least amiable for people around the hub.

Boston sports fans may be turned off by the overall play from the Patriots, injuries to Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, a lack of consistency from the Bruins and of course, a lack of a big bat in the Red Sox off-season shopping.

But don’t be down, it could be worse and Boston sports fans have many things to be happy for or about, especially during the Holiday season.  Here is a list of five things Boston sports fans should be thankful for…

1) The Coaches: Oh what would we do without our managers and coaches?  From Bill Belichick and Terry Francona, to Doc Rivers and Claude Julien, Beantown is lucky enough to have some of the creme of the crop when it comes to head coaches.  Sure, many come with their own faults but for the most part these four figure heads bring a sense of professionalism and integrity (cough Belichick) to the city of Boston and their fans.  

2) Tom Brady: We New Englander’s love TB.  Sure, many others see him as a pretty boy who whines to the referees but we see him as the handsome gentlemen who is one of the best quarterbacks of all-time and dates Giselle.  What we would do to spend one day in Brady’s shoes.  We are thankful for the presence of No. 12 because he brought three super bowls to the Patriots organization and his underdog story has touched us all in some way or another.  

3) Championships This Decade: The total tally is six in the past eight years and has turned Beantown from the city of losers into the city of champions.  Once accustomed to losing seasons and bottom-dwelling franchises, Boston is home to six total championships this decade with three going to the Patriots, two to the Red Sox, and one to the Celtics.  The Bruins have been playoff-bound for a majority of the decade and are on the heels of a Championship.  What a difference a decade can make.

4) Superstar Players: Early on it was Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, Joe Thorton, and Paul Pierce and now its turned to John Lackey, Kevin Garnett, and Zdeno Chara.  With David Ortiz, Curt Schilling, Antoine Walker, and Randy Moss in between, the organizations in Boston have brought the superstars to our beloved city.  Now considered one of the biggest stages and places in sports, its no wonder that big-name players are inking their names in Boston’s checkbook.  It certainly beats the days of Jiri Welch, Jose Offerman, Anson Carter, and Andy Katzenmoyer.

5) World-Class Owners:  Eh, may be stretching myself on this one but there is no denying the good the owners have been doing since taking over in the hub.  Bob Kraft has transformed the Patriots organization and is now reaping the benefits (deserving so).  Although John Henry and Larry Lucchino may take a lot of fire from fans, they have brought two championships in three years to a team that went 86 years without one.  That alone, deserves some recognition.  Then there’s Wyc Grousbeck and Jeremy Jacobs have done some great work with the Celtics and Bruins, keeping both teams competitive and resourceful in the past few years.    

So, there you have it.  Five things that Boston sports fans should be thankful for this holiday season.  It’s still a great time to be a Boston sports fan, even if the last time we’ve won anything was with the Boston Celtics in 2008.  Here’s to many more championships and seasons coming to the scene in 2010.  

Winter Classic Buzz Starting To Heat Up

Hockey Set To Come To Fenway

The game is set, the ice is cold, and the rink is built.  Its almost time for hockey at Fenway Park.

With two weeks left before the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers square off in the third annual Winter Classic, attention to the outdoor event is growing.  Even with the Boston Red Sox hogging the headlines for the past week along the Charles River, the Bruins still find themselves as the number one topic of discussion on the streets of Yawkey Way and inside the walls of Fenway.

With the Green Monster lurking in the background, the ice and rink has been placed across the infield and outfield of Fenway, opening up opportunities for former Bruins and current Red Sox alike– to take a test skate on the ice surface.

Bruin legends Bobby Orr, Cam Neely, and Ray Borque laced up the skates to test out the “First Skate at Fenway” alongside Red Sox captain, Jason Varitek, on Friday.  

The Bruins (16-10-6) look to snap a two-game losing streak with a game against the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday in a matchup of two Orignal Six teams, as the Black and Gold may be looking for a little good will and luck from the old-timers skate at Fenway.  The B’s have seven more games until the highly anticipated Winter Classic.

(AP Photo) (AP Photo) 

Breaking News: Bruins Sign Savard To Extension

TSN Reports That Savard Signs 7-Year Contract

The Boston Bruins, surging on the ice as of late, added some more good news to their team on and off the ice with a seven-year contract extension with center Marc Savard.

Recently returning from a broken foot that sidelined for a good portion of the first part of the season, has four goals and six assists this season in 11 games but the center’s leadership and tremendous 2008-09 season proved to be enough for Peter Chiarelli and company to lock up their premier forward for seven more years.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the details of the deal, according to TSN and Mark Kalman, are believed to be $4.2 million per year as the two-time All-Star was set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

Lucic Goes Down, Again

Boston Forward Sidelined Again With Injury

The Milan Lucic fight club will be out of action for a month as the Boston Bruins forward suffered a high-ankle sprain Wednesday against the Minnesota Wild.  

Lucic missed a month earlier this season with a broken finger and returned for four games before sidelining himself once again with an injury.  Since his return, the Bruins were 4-0-0 as the 21-year-old scored two goals as his play sparked the Bruins physically and offensively.  

The B’s lost 2-1 to the New Jersey Devils on Friday in a shootout as the Black and Gold added Vladmir Sobotka to the lineup in place of the injured Lucic.  The Bruins (12-8-5) have no time to sulk as the Ottawa Senators come to the Garden on Saturday to take on the B’s.