It’s gonna be real hard to dislike Isaiah Thomas

I just realized Isaiah Thomas is actually going to be playing for a rival team this upcoming season. He is no longer on the Boston Celtics. That has been all the basketball news these past few weeks. Kyrie Irving is on the Celtics. Thomas isn’t. Still unbelievable.

It’s definitely going to be weird to see Thomas playing against the Celtics after being the heart and soul of the team these past couple seasons. He was the guy trying to recruit great players to the team. He was the guy who tweeted the eyes when stuff was brewing. Now he’s LeBron James’ teammate.

Recently, Isaiah Thomas freelanced for the Player’s Tribune saying goodbye to Boston. Of course, he was unhappy to be traded and does not think the Celtics made themselves a better team in the deal. Honestly, there’s a ton of Celtics fans that agree with him. Not only was he a good player, but he was very much well-received by the fan base. That’s a nice 1-2 punch for a dude to have.

In reality though, this trade is probably the best thing that could happen to Thomas. When his contract is up, he’s gonna want a max deal. I don’t think that’s something the C’s would’ve done for him. Cleveland, on the other hand, they’re in a position to do that. They’ll prob also max out LeBron and keep that dynasty going.

Plus, he has the opportunity to get some revenge now. He kind of helped build up the Celtics these past couple years and now he’s in a position to destroy them on the court. That’d probably feel pretty good for him if he’s able to put up 50 points or something like that in his first game back in Boston. He’ll get a great response too I bet.

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