“America’s Favorite Pies” Have Been Made In MA Since 1924

If you grew up in New England, chances are you have had your share of  Table Talk pies! But did you know that these adorable mini-desserts are made locally in Worcester, MA? Let’s explore the history of the company and how these 4-inch “snack pies” came to be the American icon they are today.


Table Talk was started in 1924 by Mr. Theodore Tonna and Mr. Angelo Cotsidas. The two Greek immigrants began by selling their products from a horse-drawn wagon throughout the Worcester area.

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Next, the dedicated pair began selling their products to restaurants and hotels. The business expanded to retail in the 1930s and completely took off!

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Originally, each pie was baked and sold in aluminum pans before the switch to cheaper, disposable foil plates. The classic aluminum pans are now considered collector’s items and are identified by the stamped messaging “New England Flaky Crust Pie – 10c Deposit”.

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According to the Table Talk website the company bakes and distributes over 80 million snack-sized pies each year! They also sell a lesser-known standard 8-inch pie.

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Ingredients include:

“wild blueberries from Maine, Washington and New York Apples, Georgia peaches, pumpkins from the Amish farmlands of Pennsylvania, sweet potatoes grown in the rich soils of North and South Carolina and pecans from Texas and Louisiana.”

Here are a few fun facts about Table Talk:

They used to buy the entire 400,000 ton annual crop of Prince Edward Island blueberries.

Table Talk used to make 16,000 cherry pies to be sold every year on Washington’s birthday at Lechmere stores for 88 cents each.


Each year, they participate in “Pi Day” a worldwide celebration held on March 14th (or 3.14).


Table Talk is devoted to giving back to the community that made them a success. They support the St. John’s food bank and are partnered with the Worcester County Food Bank.


H/T to NewEngland.com

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