Bruins are traveling to China

When you think of hockey, a few countries probably come to mind because it’s not truly an American sport. For example, the NHL is primarily made up of Canadian hockey players (little known fact). There’s American players too, Russian players, Swedish players and other players, but none from Antartica yet…

Since the Harford Whalers skipped town in the 90’s, the Bruins have made themselves into New England’s team (although I don’t really think the Whalers were biting into that very much at all). Despite playing in Boston, however, the Bruins are doing a little bit of traveling this offseason. They even Tweeted about it. I like Twitter, so here’s that Tweet:

So the Bruins are looking to promote the game of hockey and to promote themselves. That’s a win-win-win, right?  Torey Krug, Tuukka Rask and David Pastrnak are going to be their global ambassadors.

This is pretty smart of them to promote the game all over the globe. Even if there are not a ton of hockey fans out on the Chinese countryside, there are so many people in the country that someone is bound to have interest. It’s a pure numbers game like that Mass lottery game (kind of).

Maybe one day there will be an NHL team in China; they’ve just got to find some people on the other side of the world who likes hockey first and ignore the economic disagreements between the USA and China.

The NHL got beat in the conquest for the first pro team in China though; the Canadian Women’s Hockey League–which the Boston Blades are a part of–added a team in China for this upcoming season.

I know there’s pro hockey leagues there, but I am surprised there hasn’t been more of a push to put a team from an North American league in Europe. There’s some wealthy European nations.

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