Bruins owner, former player, inducted to NHL HOF

In sports, there are plaques in a museum that represent who the greatest players, coaches, executives, but not mascots were in their respective sport and in this case, a pair of people associated with the Boston Bruins were selected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada for their contributions to the sport.

Who were they? Is what you might ask. Well, there was Jeremy Jacobs, the Bruins owner, and then there was Mark Recchi, the former player.

Bruins fans had the pleasure of watching Recchi at the end of his career. He came over from the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2009, finished out that year with the team and then played his final two seasons with the Bruins. He was still a productive player despite being one of the oldest in the game at 43 years old, putting up 91 points in his two full years with the B’s. He also won a fight before.

But what fans, foes, and people who don’t care about hockey who just happen to live in Boston might remember best about him is that he retired immediately after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in June of 2011. Seriously. Now that’s going out with a bang, riding off into the sunset and any other old cliche you want to throw out there. Pretty much, he knew when it was time to retire.

If you don’t know who Jacobs is, he’s owned the Bruins for what seems like forever. 42 years to be exact. There’s controversy surrounding the pick and his popularity among Bruins fans, but anyone who is around for a long time is going to have their share of haters. Let’s be honest: they’ve made the playoffs most years that he’s owned the team. They’ve been pretty good for a long time. Are they a powerhouse? No, not really. But it’s nothing to complain about. Seems like a well-deserved selection to me.

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