Moneypuck likes the Bruins Stanley Cup chances

I could honestly tell you I don’t think the Boston Bruins are going to make the playoffs this season — but then you’d all hate me.

Instead of focusing on the New York Islanders and how they’re probably going to play their way into a wildcard seed and knock the Bruins out of playoff contention, let’s focus on the positive — the oddly optimistic if you will.

There’s a hockey website called (they ain’t got nothing on Chowdaheadz though — because I hadn’t heard of them until this topic was brought to my attention), and they give the B’s about a 70 percent chance of making the playoffs. OK, fair enough — that’s lower than half the league. But they think if the B’s do make the playoffs, they have a great shot at winning the cup. In fact, they give the boys in black and gold the second best chance in the entire league to win it all — just behind the Washington Capitals.

That’s right folks, they give the B’s an 8.5 percent chance of hoisting the cup when it’s all said and done. The Capitals, in contrast, have an 11.3 percent chance.

Honestly, it makes a little bit of sense. The Bruins are probably better suited for playoff hockey than they are the regular season. Why? Glad you asked. Because you don’t need to use a backup goaltender in the playoffs. Tuukka Rask has been great this season, for the most part. But when he doesn’t start, you know how the Bruins are this season? 2-10-2.

Yeah, 6 points in 14 games when Rask ain’t playing. With him in net, though, they’re 28-14-4. He’s top-10 goaltenders in the league, easy.

Still, the Bruins are a pretty flawed team. Just saying, maybe they’re better suited for the playoffs than they are the regular season. No guarantees, but still something…

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