CT Native Cam Atkinson joining NHL All-Star game this season

For those who like to keep up with all the local players, this one is for you.

Pretty much, Penguins center Evgeni Malkin isn’t going to play in the NHL All-Star game this season because of some sort of lower body injury. That opened a spot for Cam Atkinson.

Very interesting case here. Atkinson is a right wing for the Columbus Blue Jackets but more importantly, he’s from Riverside, Connecticut. That’s only one of a few things that makes him interesting though. Here are some others:
Atkinson is one of the shortest players in the league at 5-foot-8. It’s incredible that he’s able to compete at such a high level given his height, or lack therof. He’s even shorter than Johnny Gaudreau, by a full inch, according to their bios. Oh, and Gaudreau — another former BC Eagle — is also an All-Star this season
With that height challenge, Atkinson makes up for it with his skill. He’s one of the fastest skaters and most skilled shooters around.
Atkinson went to Old Avon Farms School in Connecticut. He also played for Boston College after that. He’s also a Springfield Falcons alum, may that team rest in peace.
Here’s a great highlight of him from last season:
Here’s a quick rundown of his stats this season: 24 goals and 22 assists (46 points) in 47 games. Pretty much, it’s odd he wasn’t an All-Star prior to someone’s injury. The guy is 27 and having a career year. Wouldn’t have sat well with many if he didn’t receive a chance.
The All-Star game is this Sunday, Jan. 29 at 3:30 p.m. and you can watch it on NBC. That’s right, the Super Bowl is the week after, in case you forgot. And in case I reminded you, you’re welcome. Don’t want anyone to miss that matchup no matter what.

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