Bill Belichick confuses us about the resting starters thing

Want to know if the Patriots are playing their starters or not next Sunday? That would be cool. But that’s not the kind of thing Billy Belichick will just tell you.

Here’s what he told Yahoo! Sports (yes, I really did need to include the exclamation point), when asked if he planned on resting the starters next week:

“I mean look, I don’t really understand that question. We have – I don’t know how many starters we have – but we have a lot more than – we can only inactivate seven players. This isn’t like a preseason game where you have 75 guys on your roster. This is a regular season game. I don’t really understand that whole line of questioning. I’m not saying I’m a great mathematician or anything but the numbers just don’t add up for that type of conversation so there’s no point in even getting involved in it.”

It kind of makes sense in that you can’t inactivate all your starters. But in the NFL, you can’t really do that. All you do is put in your backups. The better question would have been: your hoodedness, will the second unit make an appearance on Sunday to give the starters a little bit of a break?

It’s classic Bill. He doesn’t really need to tell anyone anything he doesn’t think they don’t need to know. He’s not one to give much away. Heck, he’s not even in the Madden games. He probably doesn’t even know what they are — or he at least pretends he doesn’t. Will he ever change the way he is? Doubt it.

Whatever Bill’s been doing all this time has worked. Why would he mess with that now?

For real. This is a hot topic (not the story). Should the Pats or should they not play their starters on Sunday? Figure they’ll do some sort of a mix. Can’t see them not starting Tom Brady. GOAT always finds a way onto the field.

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