The Truth Behind The Urban Legend Of Connecticut’s Creepiest Little Village

Urban legends are almost always sparked by a grain of truth – that’s what makes them so compelling and timeless. In the case of Middlebury, Connecticut’s Little People’s Village, the truth is quite mundane compared to the spine-tingling, goosebump-inspiring stories that have been created about it.

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If you were to stumble upon Little People’s Village unknowingly, you would be well within your rights to be creeped out. An abandoned collection of derelict doll-sized houses in the middle of the forest should be an unsettling sight for anyone who isn’t Hannibal Lecter!

Amid the spooky, crumbling stone houses sits a gigantic throne. Rumor has it that sitting upon the village throne will result in your imminent death within 7 years. So, yeah, the place is definitely creepy!

There are two major legends about the history of Little People’s Village. The first centers around a man and his wife – who just so happened to be a witch. They lived in the human-sized home in the forest when the woman began spotting smurf-sized fairy folk.

The couple added bars to the windows of their home to keep the little people out and the witch ordered her husband to build the tiny village to appease them. Their efforts did not stop the little imps from slowly driving them to insanity. The tiny stone structures supposedly represent all that remains to prove the couple’s demise.

The second legend has the man living alone in the forest. He was compelled to build the village by the disembodied voices of the little people. Again, his efforts were not enough to convince the fairy folk to let him be. He eventually lost his sanity and committed suicide.

Visitors to Little People’s Village claim to sense fields of bad energy, ghosts and spirits. Others report hearing the voices of the little people or the pleas of the man and his wife.

So, after all that, are you ready for the truth of Little People’s Village?

In the early 1900s, the stone structures were built as an attraction called “The Fairy Village” along the Lake Quassy Amusement Park trolley line. The “death throne” was also an innocent part of an ornamental garden that previously existed on the same trolley line.

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When the trolley stopped running and the attractions could no longer be reached, the park simply allowed the structures to fall into disrepair and be reclaimed by the forest. The larger structure rumored to be the couple’s home was actually a gift shop – which explains the bars on the windows.

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No ghosts, ghouls, fairies or death curses exist in the woods of Middlebury, CT – although those stories are far more interesting than the truth!

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