10 Of The Strangest Laws On The Books In Connecticut

Aside from the Presidential election, voters had a chance to weigh in on a few select state laws this week. In honor of New England law and order, let’s take a look at each state’s strangest statutes and oddest ordinances. Connecticut – you’re up first!

1. A Pickle cannot officially be called a pickle unless it bounces.

I suppose a non-bouncy pickle is just a soggy cucumber. Why anyone felt the need to actually write this into law remains a mystery.

2. Cycling faster than 65 mph is prohibited.

Considering only two individuals in the history of professional cycling have ever clocked in at a speed greater than 65 mph, there’s probably not too much to worry about.

3. No town records may be stored in a facility where liquor is sold.

Maybe they were concerned about spillage? This law was passed in 1949, so it probably had more to do with the aura of seediness that still hung over bars and taverns in the decade or so after Prohibition.

4. Disposing of razor blades in the garbage is against the law.

While there are certainly health implications with tossing used blades into the trash, a rule like this is basically impossible to enforce.

5. In Southington, it is illegal to sell Silly String.

In the 1990s a police officer working the annual Apple Harvest Festival was savagely attacked…by Silly String…wielded by children. Apparently the incident was traumatic enough that this delightful 90’s party favor is now banned.

6. In Meriden, bean whistles may not be used in public.

Originally used by police officers to signal for backup, the bean whistle is not a common form of communication these days. However, should you get your hands on one, you’d better not blow it in Meriden!

7. In Waterbury, a barber or hairdresser may not hum, sing or whistle while working on a client.

Is this the result of some bizarre freak accident? Maybe someone lost an ear during a particularly spirited whistling session?

8. In Hartford, crossing the street while walking on your hands is outlawed.

This should not only be legal, anyone who achieves it should get a free pizza!

9. In Rocky Hill, an arcade may not have more than four amusement devices.

This one is a bit misleading. The law refers to “mechanical amusement devices” like ping pong, air hockey, pool tables and pinball machines. It does not mean that there can only be 4 total video game machines in an arcade. Even still, it’s a pretty darn silly law!

10. In Guilford, residents are only permitted to hang all white Christmas lights.

Many towns prefer that their residents maintain a certain level of uniformity in their homes’ outward appearances, but c’mon! It’s Christmas!

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