Tom Brady’s appeal rejected by 2nd US Circuit Court

This one is not looking good.

Earlier today, it was reported that Tom Brady and his crew of elite scientists had their appeal shut down by the 2nd US Circuit Court. So what does that mean? They have exhausted every single option — except for the Supreme Court. Yup. Instead of going away, deflategate is going to the Supreme Court. But it’s not good for the Patriots.

Just to remind everyone, this is not a question as to whether or not Brady and the New England Patriots did the deed, but it is whether or not it was in Roger Goodell’s power to make such a decisiono. Suspend the winningest quarterback in the league for air pressure after a 39-point blowout.

Yeah, that seems legit. It’s not like the Pats still went out and beat the Seattle Seahawks in arguably the best Super Bowl of all-time or anything.

Seahawks fans were probably more confused than left shark was in front of 120 million people.

The problem they’ll face now is the Supreme Court is only eight people right now, not nine because the next president will probably make that decision. If there’s a split decision, there would be no precedent and the suspension would stay in place. Also, the Supreme Court tends to side with the lower courts. That’s why there’s only a few precedents that change the law and the way the constitution is upheld.

Fret not, Patriots fans. the first four games of the season without Brady wouldn’t be the same. But if it’s only the first four games of the season and Jimmy G. does what people expect and leads the Pats to either a 2-2 record or a 3-1 record in those first three games, they’ll be in pretty good shape. And Brady will be all fired up and come back and have more motivation to go out for his fifth ring. Not bad, right?


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