Tom Brady Kills Social Media, Again

Is Tom Brady the ultimate competitor? Probably. Is he the best social media user in the NFL? Probably. Will he break a ping pong paddle if he loses a game in the locker room? Absolutely?

So here my question to you. If you’re in your first week with the Patriots, do you let Brady win? Simple answer, no. Here’s why. As much as The GOAT likes to win, he would rather compete. If you don’t show a competitive spirit and a will to win, you’re out. You might as well pack up your stuff and walk out of Gillette with your head between your legs leaving all hope of a Lombardi trophy at the door. Tom Brady doesn’t like to lose, no one does. But, he will lose with pride before you, or anyone hands him a win. Good luck to Danny on beating Tom a second time. It doesn’t happen too often.

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