Sierra Nevada's Beer camp

Nationwide Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp to reach Boston

Last summer, Sierra Nevada Brewery took their Beer Camp project and transformed it into a traveling beer festival that wowed all of us with a festive and fun Beer Camp across America. This year, they plan to rekindle that journey for a second round.

What is Beer Camp?

A merger of the country’s finest craft beers, Beer Camp presented by Sierra Nevada Brewery is a traveling fest that started last summer. Beer fans and brewers, locals and tourists, all are invited to this huge beer festival that brings brewers from all over to produce exclusive beer. It is a collaboration of the finest craft beers brought to your hometown.

Sierra Nevada's Beer camp

What’s special this year?

This year’s Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp will consist of two bottles of six different beers, representing select regions across the country. Sierra Nevada, along with nationwide brewers, will create an all-new mixed pack of beers that captures the true spirit and attitude of original American craft beer. With 6 locations in its itinerary, the Beer Camp across America is even making a stop at Boston.

Now, Boston is well-acquainted with beer festivals but this is a beer fan’s delight. The festival is to arrive at an undisclosed location on June 18th, 2016 and involves Boston’s very own Trillium Brewing Company to knock your socks off. Every craft brewery is invited to showcase their samples and every beer fan is invited to sample these beers.

Starting February, the tickets for this camp will be available and each participant will get the opportunity to sample each beer from the exclusive 12-pack that will be sold from May 2016.

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