Big Air Competition Coming to Fenway


Fenway has hosted some unique events over the years, but this might be the most innovative yet. Big Air at Fenway will be coming to Boston this winter, which means you’ll get to watch the best snowboarders and skiiers throw themselves off a massive 140 jump.  The competition will be held February 11th & 12th, and tickets will go on sale November 12th.

So how big will this thing be? Well, you’ll have to take an elevator to get to the top of the scaffolding-based jump. Once you reach the top of the ramp, you’ll be 7 feet higher than the top of the light fixtures at the park. Look down and you’ll be met with a 38-degree downward angle that could send you to speeds up to 40 mph. Superstars like Sage Kotsenburg and Calum Clark will be competing, so you can expect this event to draw a huge crowd.

Tickets don’t go on sale for another few months, but you can keep track of updates here

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