Deflategate Hearing #2: Berman Continues to Hammer the NFL

After more failed settlement talks, Judge Berman held the second hearing in the Deflategate case. Berman is still pushing heavily for a settlement as he hammered the NFL for lack of fairness and real evidence.

Judge Berman doubted the “scheme” aspect of the ball deflation, and clearly doesn’t understand how Goodell made the jump from “more probable than not” to a full fledged scheme.

He also questioned Nash about the nature of the punishment and how Goodell came up with the four game suspension. He asked which of the four games were for tampering and which were for not cooperating, to which Nash responded, it’s not broken down that way. 

When Berman asked what punishment would be given the next time someone tampers with a ball, but cooperates, Nash said “that’s up to the commissioners judgement”. And obviously Berman didn’t like that answer, saying “I have a little trouble with that”.

They went on to talk about why Brady’s legal team wasn’t allowed to call Jeff Pash (editor of The Wells Report) as a witness, and Nash had no good answer (do you see a theme here?). Berman said he didn’t understand why Pash wouldn’t be allowed as a witness seeing as he was the only one who edited the report.

It would seem as if Judge Berman is siding with Brady, but he could also just be trying to make the NFL squirm so they come to terms on a settlement. What are your thoughts?


Also, this was probably one of the best zingers that Kessler has had so far:

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