Chris Mortensen Won’t Apologize for Tweeting False Information About Deflategate


Even after The Wells Report proved that one or none of the balls were under inflated by two points or more, Mortensen won’t admit that he made a mistake. Mortensen was one of the first to turn Deflategate into the circus that it is, tweeting out that 11 of the 12 footballs were under inflated by 2 pounds or more. This completley false information alegedly came from Mike Kensil, the NFL’s Vice President of Game Operations and former Jets Executive.

Mortensen finally deleted the tweet, but it looks like that’s all we’re gonna get from him. After bailing on an interview on WIEE, he appeared on ESPN radio instead and gave a lame attempt at admitting fault saying, ” Now that’s my job to do a better vetting job as a journalist. But let me ask you this question: If I had simply reported, which I did include in the original report, that 11 footballs were found to be significantly under inflated, what would the reaction have been? The same, I think.” AKA “Sorry, not sorry”.

Read the full interview transcript here

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