Congrats to Pedro, Hall of Fame Class of 2015


On Sunday we watched as our most beloved pitcher dance his way into the Hall of Fame. Pedro was the last of the inductees to speak, and the crowd, as per usual, went crazy once he took the stage. It reminded me of the times Pedro was pitching at Fenway. I only saw him pitch once, but it was the most electric I have ever seen Fenway. People were on their feet, cheering, yelling for the entire game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fenway like that since.

Pedro was his usual lighthearted self, dancing on stage and cracking jokes. But he also took his career and his legacy very seriously saying, “Don’t look at me as numbers, as baseball, as achievements. I’d like you to see me as a sign of hope for a third world country, for Latin America, someone you can look up to to say, ‘I’m proud of you.’ ”.

As for his time in Boston? Pedro kept it simple but sweet. “Boston, I don’t have enough words to say how much I love you”.

Listen to his entire speech here:


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