Boston is Split on The Olympics After Last Night’s Debate

Last night, Fox25 hosted a debate between Boston 2024 and No Boston Olympics, and it seemed to leave Boston just as confused as before. The debate was between Steve Pagliuca & Daniel Doctoroff from Boston 2024, and Chris Dempsey & Andrew Zimbalist from No Boston Olympics. They covered potential issues including budgeting, traffic and the tax payer risk. Basically, No Boston Olympics is certain that this will cause traffic nightmares, go over budget, and put the tax payers in danger of covering those overages, and Boston 2024 is certain of the exact opposite.

The biggest area of concern is the Financial Guarantee. No Boston Olympics has been calling for the Boston 2024 committee to do away with the financial guarantee, which would require Boston (aka us, the tax payers) to cover any cost overages from the gamesh. Boston 2024 made it clear last night that the guarantee isn’t going anywhere. They argued that doing away with the agreement would take away Boston’s competitive edge since¬†other cities have agreed to the financial guarantee.

The other weird thing was listening to Doctoroff tell us how to make our city better when he’s not from Boston. He’s from New York of all places, and if you want to win the hearts of the Boston people it seems weird to put a rich New Yorker on the task.

Fox25 held a poll on Facebook after the debate, and as of last night the results were split right down the middle.


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