Red Sox Fans Rank #1

Once again, Boston is the best. According to TicketCity, the Red Sox have the best fans in the MLB. Even though you probably already knew that Boston fans can’t be beat, it’s still cool to have some proof. Rounding out the top three were the Giants and the Cardinals, while the Yankees barely made the top 10.

Here’s the categories TicketCity collected data from in order to come up with their rankings:

  • Average attendance for 2014 as a percentage of stadium capacity
  • Average ticket price on the secondary market (driven by demand) for the 2014 regular season
  • Annual team revenue for 2014 as provided by Forbes
  • Total number of Twitter followers as a percentage of the metro area population
  • Total number of Facebook fans as a percentage of the metro area population

Take a look at the full ranking, and check out the raw data here, too.


Do you think they got it right?

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