Patriots Release Brandon Spikes After Potential Hit & Run


Looks like Brandon Spikes “kissed and made up” with Belichick for no reason. The Patriots announced this morning (6/8) that they were releasing the linebacker following a police investigation regarding a potential hit & run. Spikes was just resigned in May.

Police found Spikes’ Maybach on the median strip of 495 at 3:30 AM on Sunday morning. The car’s OnStar System reported that the driver said they hit a deer, but no deer was found and no one was in the car when police arrived. As if that’s not sketchy enough, police then responded to a call from a family who was rear-ended in the same area as the abandoned Maybach. The family of three said they had been rear-ended, but didn’t see the car that hit them. All three were taken to the hospital following the accident.

Here’s the full police statement:

Shortly before 3:30 a.m. today Massachusetts state troopers reported to a vehicle in the median strip of Route 495 in Foxboro. We were notified by a representative of the OnStar on-board navigation system that the operator of the vehicle reported hitting a deer. Troopers found the vehicle, a 2011 Mercedes Maybach, abandoned in the median strip with damage to its front end. Whoever had been driving it was no longer at the scene. Investigation indicates the Mercedes is registered to Brandon Spikes. No deer was located.

A short time later troopers responded to a report of a 2008 Nissan Murano, also on Route 495 Northbound in the same area as the abandoned car, whose occupants reported they had been rear-ended by another vehicle that they did not see. All three occupants of that vehicle –€” a 51-year-old man, a 32-year-old woman, and a 12-year-old boy, all of Billerica — were transported to an area hospital for examination and treatment.

At this point no charges have been filed against anyone, but the investigation into both reported incidents –€” including who was driving the Mercedes and what car struck the Murano — is ongoing. The investigation will seek to determine whether there is any connection between the reported incidents. No connection has yet been definitively established.

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