Southie Beaches are Cleaner Than Miami Beach… Wait, What?


South Boston’s beaches, City Point, M Street Beach and Carson Beach – where the Deer Island Treatment plant integral to Boston’s harbor cleanup sits just across the water – outscored beaches around Virginia Beach, Coney Island Beach in New York City, Santa Monica Beach in California, Waikiki Beach in Honolulu and Miami Beach. -Metro US

Well this is a game changer. My whole life I grew up hearing things like, “Don’t ever swim at M Street. It’s full of sewage,” or “No wonder why he smells, he went in the water in Southie this weekend”. But apparently those days are no more because it’s safer to swim in good ol’ Southie than it is in Hawaii? Guess I can cancel my (nonexistent) vacation and park it at M Street instead. Savin Hill Beach, on the other hand, is still a no-go. The only beach rated worse in the entire country is Santa Monica. Sorry Dorchester, maybe next year.

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