Kraft, The Bigger Man

Robert Kraft was left with little choice this week but to throw his hands up and accept the NFL’s punishment, he is a bigger man and was done playing with children.  Criticized heavily over his decision by Patriot Nation, at first glance it appeared he threw in the towel.  However, consider that his opponent is in charge of the script and already had it written in permanent marker. There was no changing it and he knew it. He could have won the war, but the battles in this case might have been bigger than the war.

To those informed about the details of this whole deflategate thing, we understand how much of a witch hunt, and circus act it has all been.  The NFL brass is utterly incompetent, untrustworthy and not very astute. Harsh words but unless you have just been a deflategate headline reader you understand where I am coming from here.  If I lost you just consider that the “independent” partner they hired to investigate the Patriots has received about 40 Million dollars over the years from the NFL for legal council. How could that ever be independent?   Still not on board yet? How about that the ref. didn’t remember what PSI gauge he used, and the report decided to use the one that made the Patriots look worse, the other gauge would have put the balls within an acceptable range, and we have no story.  It’s all monkey business, and unfortunately the NFL is Planet of The Apes, they are in control.

Goodell threw Kraft under the bus, Brady under the bus, and all of New England under there with them. He grabbed the keys, went forward, put it in reverse and then went back and forth again for good measure.  The worst part of it all is that there was no reason for it. He made the decision to take it as far as it went just for the power grab, and not to protect a billion dollar industry… it was more about him than anything else.  Maybe, it was about turning the NFL into the WWE or into TMZ…. a ratings move, but I doubt that, the NFL is above that, or at least I think it is.


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