Free Brady! Goodell Suspends Brady 4 Games, Fines Pats $1 Million


In case you missed  it last night, Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL dropped the punishment for Tom Brady and the Patriots, and it’s excessive to say the least. The league suspended Brady for 4 games, fined the Patriots $1 million, and took away two draft picks (1st round pick in 2016 & 4th round pick in 2017), even though they had no concrete evidence that Brady or the Pats were complicit in the deflating of footballs. In their statement released yesterday the NFL said the punishment was “for the violation of the playing rules and the failure to cooperate in the subsequent investigation,” yet they left Brady’s entire testimony out of the report and Kraft said they stopped cooperating after excessive interview requests.

If this whole things seems ridiculous to you, you’re not alone. The league has no actual proof that Brady knew or encouraged the deflating of footballs to below allowed limits, and the report said they found no fault with Belichick or the Pats organization. So why are they taking away two draft picks? Why did they hand down the largest fine in NFL history? And why was Brady given a 4 game suspension when other players have been given less with actual proof of their wrongdoings? Your guess is as good as mine, but this is a circus, and you can be sure that the NFL is making a boatload of money off this manufactured scandal.

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