Your Team Cheats

After reading the report (“Wells Report”) on the whole deflate gate thing I am not so sure what to think.  There was a lot of circumstantial evidence and the conclusion was that the Patriots “probably” knew they were using deflated footballs . I am not so sure it was anything sinister or more than just Brady preferring footballs with a little less air.  Couple points to make:

-The league penalty for using a game football under the regulation is $25,000 , however Brady refused to hand over his phone for the NFL to go through his messages so they may say he was “obstructive”.  (I would argue he is one of the most high profile people in the world and I don’t blame him for not handing his phone to anyone without a court order, that stuff usually ends up on TMZ)

-Nobody recorded the measurements of the footballs before the game, the Ref’s took measurements but did not write them down.

-Two officials recorded the footballs at halftime and submitted two totally different measurements according the report.

-The company hired to do the scientific part of the investigation is basically hired to give any conclusion desired. They once concluded that second hand smoke does not contribute to cancer.

-The lawyer hired by the NFL to “find something”, seems they did their best to spin “we pretty much found nothing” into “they probably knew”. When you hire lawyers their job is to get the dirt, even if nothing exist they do their best to find and report on every little piece of “possible” evidence, even if it doesn’t help the conclusion.

Every team does a little bit to bend the rules, not a single team in the NFL hasn’t been guilty of it.  In fact here is a website that keeps track of the infractions for each team. .  The Patriots have a big target right now because they are the top. They hate us cause they ain’t us!

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