“We Have A Backup Plan”

The 2015 Red Sox are in a precarious position, they sit towards the top of the division, only a game out very early in the season yet there is some trouble brewing in paradise.  Their pitching stinks, they have the worst ERA in all of baseball and although there have been some flashes of greatness the big picture doesn’t look good on the mound right now.  That is the bad news, there is good news though; they are crushing the ball at the plate.

Good hitting can make up for bad pitching, after all it’s just a game of who can score more runs than the other team and if you can make up a run or two at the plate your pitching doesn’t have to be all-star caliber.  However, that is a conversation that becomes invalid come playoff time because you can stay in a race with that philosophy but you can’t win the sprint down the stretch.  Bottom line is we need some pitching help before the ship comes apart and Larry Lucchino thinks our backup plan exists in the farm system, he might be right but counting on spring chickens can be risky.

Lucchino: “You have to have some potential help from your pitching in Triple-A in every season. I think we have some pretty good arms down there and Pawtucket is actually leading the league, part because the pitching has been quite effective down there. There’s that backup plan and then there is another backup plan.” -Weeilarry-lucchino

The last 3-4 years have been a wild ride in Red Sox land and if you placed your bets on this team in April you probably lost all your money. It’s early, its not panic time, heck they might finish this weekend in sole possession of first place.  So stay on board folks, it’s going to be a wild season I think.

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