Pats Schedule Is A Walk In The Park

The NFL rolled out the red carpet this week for the Patriots with a pretty easy schedule.   The open up the season on Thursday 9/10 against the Steelers at Gilette in what is one of their tougher matchups on the season but the Pats have not lost a home opener in 14 years, kids entering high school haven’t seen this happen in their lifetime.  The AFC East got better but it’s still the Patriots and everyone else , maybe the Bills could pull an upset because of a solid Defense but I don’t see playing two against each division rival as anything but an overall mismatch.  They also threw The Redskins, Jaguars, Giants, & Titans on our menu, all favorable matchups.

The toughest game of the season I think is the Texans, they are a good team getting better and they will be hungry in the middle of December.

Prediction: Patriots 13-3  (Loses to Titans, Bills, Cowboys)


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