Brock Star Can Take The Stage At Any Time, And Deliver!

Broadway productions always teach someone else the role of the actors because if one gets hit by a bus, gets the stomach bug etc.. then the show doesn’t stop, it must go on. On occasion one of those understudies is more dynamic & exciting than those playing lead roles.

This is similar to the Brock Holt situation, those in front of him are getting paid big dollars to be full timers and management has made their commitments, blocking Brock from being an everyday player (tell me he isn’t and I will just give you a blank stare and stop listening to you).

His value right now is as an everyday utility man, but not your typical slightly below average guy that can get around the diamond as needed, he is might be the best utility guy in the game right now.  He can step on stage and deliver a performance leaving the audience wondering why they can’t see more.  His time is coming soon, and it’s exciting to see him when we can.

(4/22: Brock Holt is hittin .414 with a .916 OPS., and has played 8 positions in the last 2 years)

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