It’s a Sox/Yankees Weekend!

There aren’t many things as exciting as a Sox/Yankees weekend for Chowdaheadz like us; especially when it’s a new season and optimism as at an all time high!  The Sox started their season this week in Philly winning two games and losing one.  Opening Day was an awesome game with five home runs and a grand slam.  They lost their second game, but came out on top again yesterday with a six run third inning.  The Yankees have the opposite record thus far; losing their first and third game but winning their second against the Blue Jays.


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There’s no explanation needed how deep the rivalry runs between the Sox and Yankees.  It’s second to none in professional sports. The teams will play three games in the Bronx starting tonight at 7:05.  It’s supposed to be the first Spring weekend in the Northeast and nothing says ‘Spring’ like the Sox game on the TV!

Fenway opens on Monday….I think it’s safe to say that Winter is officially over!

Go Sox!

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