Gronk’s Autobiography to be Published…by Jeter

Rob Gronkowski may only be 25, with a lot of years left to live, but he’s already got an autobiography coming out.  This July, It’s Good to be Gronk will be published by Derek Jeter’s division of Simon and Shuster.

When asked about his book debut, Gronk said, “If you want to be a chiseled 6-foot-6-inch All-Pro football player who makes big money to score touchdowns and win Super Bowls, and if you like to have just as much fun with your family and enjoying life, then this book is for you!”


Having already won a Super Bowl by 25, with a great family and social life, it’s safe to say his title is fitting.  It IS Good to be Gronk. Even with the irony of the Yankees publisher, this book will probably still do really well. The book is set to be released around July 14th for $26.

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