Boston Native Hopes for Podium!

If you watched last year’s Boston Marathon, you probably remember the girl with the bright orange sneakers who led the pack for more than half the race. That girl is Marblehead native, Shalane Flanagan, who ultimately came in seventh.  This year, she’s trained even harder and has her eyes set on the prize; which for her is the top three.  Though first place is the (obvious) dream, Flanagan says she’ll be happy as long as she makes it to the podium. In her interview with Runners World magazine she said, “My primary goal is to make it onto the podium because I’ve never done that before.”.

She has made it to the podium many times before, just not in Boston; the most prestigious of marathons.  She placed 2nd in the 2010 New York Marathon and also won a bronze medal in the Beijing Olympics.  Not only is Boston the holy grail of the running world, it’s also her hometown.  She has recounted memories of watching her father compete in Boston Marathons of the past.


Flanagan has changed up her training regiment and focused more on speed than distance.  Before her last two Boston’s, she put in about 130 miles a week; this year she is only putting in 110. This will be her last major race before the Olympic trials this Fall.

Nothing would be cooler than having a Bostonian win the Boston Marathon! Full disclosure: Shalane went to my high school and graduated a year ahead of me.  She has been training ever since. No one deserves it more than her! On April 20th, I’ll be cheering on all the runners but hoping so much, like many of you, that we have an American, Bostonian winner on that podium – Go Shalane!  Run Fastah!


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