Marathon Survivor Runs 1st Race in Two Years!

This weekend, marathon survivor, Rebekah Gregory ran her first race since the fateful Marathon Monday of 2013.  The race took place in Palmanova, Italy to raise money for a charity.  She started the race with everyone else, but had to take a break from the pain.  She was driven along the rest of the course until the last kilometer where she got out and planned to walk the rest.  Fueling off the crowd’s adrenaline; she ultimately ran to the finish line.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, on her flight over, TSA removed her blade runner leg. She had to compete on her prosthetic; which is much more painful and cumbersome.  Rebekah took to Instagram to share her accomplishment.  She even through some (rightful) shade at her attackers with the caption, “Next time I get blown up the terrorists should do a better job. They may have taken my leg but they have given me an insane amount of determination in its place.”


Congratulations, Rebekah;  you are the epitome of Boston Strong!


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