Fenway is Ready for Business!

As you know by now, Boston had the worst Winter in it’s history.  As in, ever. Most people’s lawns are destroyed, basements flooded, windshields cracked; however, one place that has perfectly green and lush grass: Fenway Park!


Fenway’s head groundskeeper, David Mellor, looked at all the snow as a “gift from the sky”!  According to Mellor, “What the snow does is keep the frost from going in. To get snow before Christmas is actually a good thing. And not having snow in January makes the frost go deeper.”

Opening Day at Fenway is a week from this Monday, April 13th, and it’s as ready as it will ever be!  It’s hard to believe that less than a month ago there were four foot snow banks anywhere you looked; yet they were able to get that Fresh Cut Fenway Grass back to life and ready for the Sox!

If you can’t make it to Fenway this year but still want to smell that Fresh Cut Grass, order our candle today!

Fresh Cut Fenway Grass
Fresh Cut Fenway Grass

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