Beware of Boston Fans!

We have been cranking out some great new t-shirt designs lately.  Our t-shirt think factory is steaming right now!  This one pretty much sums up how awesome it is to be a Boston fan!

They lurk around corners, in the dead of the night. They come out in the daytime without fear of fight. They cheer the loudest and cry the hardest. What are we talking about? Boston Fans of course, Boston fans! If you are not one then please exit immediately, if you are then this tee is for you. In stock & ready to ship today, a must have tee for any true Boston fan looking to show that we are united as one and ready to support our brethren at any cost.

Beware Of Boston T-Shirt
This shirt says it all!
Beware of Boston Fans T-Shirt
Beware of Boston Fans T-Shirt

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