Mass. Residents to Vote on Boston 2024

On Tuesday, Boston2024, the group behind the Olympics bid, announced that the state will get to vote on whether or not they think Boston’s Olympic should move forward.  The vote will take place on Election Day in 2016 (a presidential election year, so there should be a high turnout).  They also announced that even if they state votes ‘yes’ for the Olympics, they still won’t move forward if the majority of Boston voters vote ‘no’; a plan backed by both Mayor Walsh and Governor Baker.

This is a major development in the less than transparent process for the bid thus far.  The Boston2024 group asked that the people of Massachusetts give them a chance in the next year to plead their case.  The latest polls show that support for the games is at a mere 36% among Boston residents; which means they have a lot of work cut out for them to turn the majority to their favor.

This major development will give the power back to the people; something that many residents feel was taken away.  We have been reporting on the Olympic prospect for two years now but many people (who don’t read our blog) were caught off guard when Boston became America’s bid city.  Whether people are for or against the Olympics in general, they have not been happy about the process of how it has come about.  As sports fans, we are excited about the idea of a Boston Olympics but it has to be done right!


What do you think of this development?

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