Why Is Boston Called ‘Bean Town’?

People around the world know, and refer to, Boston as ‘Bean Town’; though most Bostonians don’t use it or even know why it’s called that.  Until now.  We looked into how it got this nickname when the city no longer produces beans.  In fact, it’s even pretty hard to find signature beans on menus in the city.

The nickname dates back to the colonial days of Boston when the city was still under the Queen’s rule.  The region baked beans in molasses for several hours at a time; which ultimately became what is now known as baked beans.  While Boston was part of the triangular trade, the sailors came to associate the city with their beans and referred to it as ‘Bean Town’ because that was their food of choice while in port.


Though the nickname was popular among the sailors and traders, the locals did not call it Bean Town; much like current times. If you say ‘Bean Town’ to most anyone, they’ll know you’re talking about Boston; however, if you say it in Boston, the locals will know you’re from out of town.  Love it or hate it, this nickname has stood the test of time!

Do you like the nickname or ever use it?  It’s not going anywhere so you might as well embrace the Beantown Swaggah!


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