Big Papi Takes a Small Break

This week in Red Sox news, Big Papi took some time off for “dehyrdration”.  He was not in the lineup for Wednesday’s game against the Twins; his last game was Monday night where he went 0-2 against the Mets.

  Manager John Farrell said, “We’re backing off him for a few days…. “We’ll kind of see how we get through the weekend. Just want to be sure — with two-and-a-half, three weeks remaining [in Spring Training], he’s already got 20-some at-bats in. We’re not concerned with the total number of at-bats he accumulates down here.”


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 Ortiz would be considered “old” or a veteran in baseball age so it makes sense they wouldn’t push him too hard and give him a break at his first signs of fatigue. The regular season starts in 17 days so it’s imperative that our designated hitter be ready to go!

Rest up, Papi – we need you this season!

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