The Southie Parade Is On!

Last week the Southie parade, and it’s route, were both in question!  It’s no surprise that the people of Southie have persevered, with the help of some heavy equipment, the parade will happen as scheduled, this Sunday at 1pm.  The route will be changed a little bit, but most importantly, it will remain in Southie!  The Mayor’s office had suggested that the parade be moved to Downtown, where the snow banks are smaller, but that won’t happen have to happen after all.


The parade has been in South Boston since 1901 and has drawn crowds of over a million people.  The parade is clearly a big boost to Boston’s economy; especially after the Winter we just had.  So all weekend, you can expect to see green clothing and Guinness flowing!

If you’re going to the parade, send us your pictures!  Tweet them to us @chowdaheadz or share them with #Chowdaheadz.  This awesome weekend in Boston is one of the best all year and is the unofficial start of Spring!  Stay safe out there, fellow Chowdaheadz!

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