Will the Southie Parade Happen?

With Boston’s unprecedented snow, comes unprecedented actions around the city.  This year, the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Southie, which has happened since 1901, may happen on a different route, if at all.  Mayor Walsh has expressed his concerns about having the parade due to the enormous snow banks that take up the sidewalks; some of which top 10 feet!  The Mayor has said the options would be to change the route, move the parade to downtown, or cancel it all together.

The Allied War Veteran’s Council, who organizes the parade, has said it will happen with or without the mayor.  They’re asking for citizens, unions and anyone able, to help clean up the Southie sidewalks.  The parade is scheduled for next Sunday, March 15th, and most Southie residents believe it will happen.  Most are opposed to moving the route to downtown because St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with South Boston.


The city has already spent over $50 million on snow removal this year (month!); which far surpasses the $18 million they had budgeted.  It is argued that the additional work in South Boston could cost up to $1.5 million alone.

The Patriots victory rally was controversial this year because it was in the middle of the snowiest month the city has ever seen.  I have a feeling the parade in Southie will happen because the people will make it happen.  If the residents and business owners or South Boston want the parade to happen, and participate in the snow removal, it will happen.


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