The Days of Space Saving are Over

It’s common practice in Boston for people to save their parking spots with anything from trash barrels to Dunkin Donuts billboards, but Mayor Walsh says no more…after this Tuesday.  There is no ‘official’ rule on the books but the ‘Menino Rule’ from his days in office is that you could save your spot for up to 48 hours after the parking ban is lifted; however people don’t always abide by that. Mayor Walsh extended the “rule” this year since we had so much snow.


Although Boston is known for their friendly neighborhoods and helping each other, that is all out the window when it comes to parking spots. There are stories of cars’ tires being slashed, paint thrown on them or the ever-popular being shoveled back in.  Meaning if someone takes your spot, you simply spend your time and energy putting the snow back around them so they have to earn that spot.

I have lived in Boston for five years now and know the rules of my neighborhood; however I’ve also had my spot stolen.  I am not a malicious person but I am also not a quiet person so I did leave a (waterproof) note for the culprit.  The spot was later vacated and I had it back.  When it was initially taken, I had three different people call me at work to tell me someone stole it – how neighborly!

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As annoying as the snow is, the space savers, and the stories around them, make me laugh all season so I’ll be a little sad to see them go.  If you need any furniture for your (Frat) house, I’d recommend driving around Boston Sunday night and picking up what is left over. You’ll find anything from a washing machine to deck chairs, (my) drying rack to an Elvis bust.  What more could you want?

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