The Deflate-Gate Plot Thickens.

This story just keeps getting weirder and weirder; every time there seems to be a conclusion on the horizon, it deflates. (Sorry, had to!) It was reported by ESPN that an NFL official may have sold one of the Patriots’ balls and lost his job because of it.  The balls are supposed to be donated after the game but apparently one NFL official turned another NFL official in for taking the ball himself and replacing it with the an unofficial ball.

It was reported on Tuesday that a Patriots locker room attendant was being investigated for trying to introduce an unofficial ball into the Patriots rotation during the AFC championship game against the Colts.


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With all these twists and turns, we may never find out what really happened.  One thing’s for sure, the NFL has not handled this situation well at all!

…don’t worry, we are still THE CHAMPIONS!


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