What’s Good in the Hood? South End

Not to be confused with Southie, the South End District of Boston is one of the best places in town for architecture, restaurants and music.  Nestled between The Back Bay, South Boston, Roxbury and Dorcester this part of the city is not South of Downtown at all; which with most of Boston neighborhoods, doesn’t make sense.

The architecture in the South End is traditionally five-story brick row houses that have stayed in tact after many years of changing demographics in the area. It was first known for it’s boarding houses and later attracted new immigrants.  In the late 1940’s, it became a popular spot for single gay men and later the home of African-American middle class families.

Today, there is a mix of most types of people and the popularity is at an all time high.  The affordability has dissipated as urban professionals have flocked to the area.  It’s proximity to downtown, the Financial District and major highways make it very desirable.  It rounds out the top three most expensive neighborhoods in Boston after Beacon Hill and The Back Bay respectively.


Even if you can’t, or don’t want to, live there; it’s still a great neighborhood to check out!  They have a huge variety of restaurants ranging from Lebanese to Peruvian to American fare.  Also, you haven’t experienced Brunch until you’ve had it in the South End on a Sunday morning.

Though the demographics of the neighborhood have changed over time, the artistic diversity and architecture have remained.  On Sundays in the warmer months, (after brunch), there is an awesome outdoor market featuring craft vendors, food trucks and farmers markets called SoWa which is an acronym for ‘South of Washington’.


 If you haven’t been to the South End in a while, take the T to the Back Bay stop, turn left and take a walk.  You’ll be very glad you did!

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