Aint No Party Like A Duck Boat Party!

Boston has spent the last decade perfecting our victory rallies; probably because we’ve had so much practice!  This week was no exception; even with three feet of snow on the ground, the city partied like it was their first parade! Boston has had nine championships since 2001; four by the Patriots, three by the Red Sox, one by the Bruins and one by the Celtics….not too shabby!


 Over a million people came into Boston to celebrate with the 4 time world champion New England Patriots. The team did not disappoint.  One would think that Gronk would party the hardest (which he did) but the real star of the show may have been Julian Edelman!

Edelman was on the roof of his duck boat in a t-shirt (after the Boston PD had given him a jacket) waving a flag and riling up the crowds!  Gronk did not disappoint either; crushing beers with his signature Gronk move and all.  He even caught a bottle of Fire Ball whiskey and chugged it without skipping a beat.  I wonder how he feels today?

 All and all the parade was a success!  When do you think the next parade will be?!


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