Winter Came to Boston This Week…

Monday night and all day Tuesday, Boston got over 2′ of snow with even more snow in the surrounding suburbs!  The storm, meteorologists named Juno, dumped more snow in January than any other storm in history.  Not only was there a lot of white stuff on the ground, there was also major flooding and high winds the storm causing power outages all over the state.

The coastal towns were the hardest hit, Marshfield and Scituate lost part of their sea wall which flooded both of their downtowns.  Since the eye of the storm was originally supposed to pass right over Nantucket, it was forecasted to be the safest place in Massachusetts.  Well, the storm shifted East and the whole island was slammed resulting in lost power for all 10,000+ of the year-round residents.  Although the official accumulation at Logan airport, there were drifts well over 3 feet.  Check out this car sent into us from East Boston.


A mid-week snow storm can be fun (unless of course you were affected by the aforementioned flooding and power outages).  All kids were off from school so they had a great day but the adults who had to shovel had their work cut out for them!

Were you here for the Blizzard of 2015?  If so, tweet us your pics!

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