The Patriots Take On The Colts!

After what was arguably one of the best playoff games, or games in general, for the Patriots and all of the NFL, the Pats are headed to the AFC Championship game this Sunday against the Colts.  The game will kick off at 6:40 in Foxboro and is sure to be a wicked awesome match up!

 The Colts are out for revenge after their beat down in November.  Although the Patriots are favored as the better team on paper, if the Colts defense shows up again, like it did against the Broncos last week, the underdogs could pull it off!


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This is the ninth time that Tom Brady will play in an AFC championship with a 5-3 record.  All eyes will be on him this weekend to see if he (still) has what it takes to bring the Belichick/Brady duo to another Super Bowl victory!

Are you doing anything special for the game?

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