Patriots and Ravens Matchup!

The Patriots will take on the Baltimore Ravens this weekend at Gillette for the AFC division championship game.  This is the fourth time the Pats and Baltimore have met in Gillette in the playoffs; with Baltimore winning two of the first three games.


The Patriots’ season may have started off a little questionable but they seem to have momentum which will hopefully get them to the last game of the season: The Super Bowl! After their terrible loss to the Bengals in October, (crazy) people were questioning if Tom Brady would be traded. Now, the same people are asking if he’s ready for his fourth Super Bowl win!

There’s nothing like playoff football and this game is set to be a great match up! Let’s hope Belichick has some tricks up his hoodie to pull of a W so the Pats advance.  When asked about their strategy, Devin McCourty could have summed up their plan with the hat he was wearing.  Above the Patriots logo, it had Belichick’s famous “Do Your Job” mantra.

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