Will The Revolution Move to Boston?

The Revolution happened in Boston so it would make sense that the team with it’s namesake play in Boston, right?  Well the Kraft family thinks so!  It was reported this week that the team is looking (again) to build a stadium for the soccer team in Boston.  The proposed project would be centrally located between I-93 and the Mass Pike; it would also be within walking distance from The Red Line and South Station.

The parcel of land in question is currently owned by the city and is used as a tow yard.  The land is also being considered for a potential 2024 Olympic stadium, or to replace the recently closed Long Island homeless shelter.  Bob Kraft is a major proponent for a Boston 2024 Olympic bid so it’s unclear if the stadium would be used for that in addition to the Revs’ home field.


(Photo Credit: Boston Globe)

The Revolution has a big fan base with a lot of momentum behind them; they’re currently in the middle of one of their best seasons to date!  Even with all their fans, they still can’t seem to get the crowds at Gillette Stadium (where they currently play).  It’s believed that if they have an urban footprint, they’d have bigger turnouts.

I’m kind of fan of this happening solely because the American Revolution started in Boston, so they should play in Boston.  I’m not necessarily a believer that a new location will draw more crowds to their games because The Patriots have no problem selling out the same stadium, in the same location, every time they play in Foxboro.  As we saw this Summer, everyone is a soccer fan every four years when the World Cup happens but I’m not convinced that Bostonians will be fans every year; regardless of where they play.  What do you think?

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