The North End

The North End is one of Boston’s (America’s!) oldest continually inhabited neighborhoods dating back to the 1630’s. It is also one Boston’s smallest neighborhoods; measuring only .36 square miles.  It may be small, but there is a ton to do (eat) there and it is full of rich history!

 Mostly populated by Italian-Americans, it is known for some of the best food in the city!  Anywhere you stand in the North End, you can see, and smell, an Italian restaurant, bakery or cafe and they’re all always busy no matter what time of day you go!  Walking down the crooked narrow streets will make you feel like you’re in Italy, not Boston.  If you want the perfect night out, grab your favorite pasta dish at any restaurant then walk over to a pastry shop for dessert and follow it up at a cozy wine/cigar bar – you’ll be so happy you did!

Once you’ve digested your (enormous) meal, walk around and look at the architecture and historical sites.  Paul Revere used to call this neighborhood home and his home is still there.  The famous Old North Church is where he hung his famous lanterns “one if by land, two if by sea” to alert his neighbors in Charlestown how the British were coming.  When looking at the Boston skyline, you’ll notice that in the North End there is no building taller than church’s steeple so that everyone could see it no matter where they walked.


Before the big dig, the North End was cut off from most of the city so it was not nearly as much of a destination as it is today.  Since the big dig was completed, it is one of the hottest neighborhoods in town; it is both the start of Boston’s waterfront and the Freedom Trail.  If you haven’t checked out the North End in a while, make sure you do so!

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