Boston Translation!

Bostonians are known around the world for our funny accents and quirky words.  Most of the time, we drop the ‘R’ but we also add R’s in places that others do not. (ex: Vodka = Vodker)

In true Masshole fashion, we think what we say is correct because we’re one of the oldest cities in America!  Whether you grew up here and have moved away, still live here, are new to Boston, or know someone from Boston; we’ve done our best to try and translate some words to help ease the language barriers so nothing gets ‘Bost’ in Translation.

Bahbah-Q – Barbecue

Bang a Uey –  Turn the car around; make a U-Turn

Barrel – Trash Can

B’dayduhs – Potatoes

Bubblah – Water Fountain

Carriage – Shopping Cart

Cellah – Basement

Clickah – TV Remote

Cruizah – Police Car

Down The Cape – On Cape Cod

Dungarees – Pants made of denim

Frappe – Milk Shake with ice cream

Hangovah – What occurs the day after a night of drinking

Hawahyah – How are you? (no response necessary)

Hunkah Down – What one does during a storm

No SUH – Really?  No Way! (a statement of disbelief)

Packie – Liquor Store

Patriots’ Day – The 3rd Monday in April.  Also known as ‘Marathon Monday’

Pockabook – Ladies Handbag

Regulah – Cofee with cream and sugar

Rotary –  Traffic Circle

Scorchah! –  Hot Day

Statie –  State Policemen

Suppah – Dinner

Taget – a department store that sells general merchandise (not to be confused with Wal Maht)

Tonic – Soda

We’re constantly adding to our translation services so be sure and check back often.  If you have any Boston Slang ideas, let us know on  Facebook  or Tweet us with the hashtag #BostonTranslation.

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