The 2015 Red Sox

There has been a lot of chatter (err rumors) about what the Red Sox have planned for the 2015 season.  Last week they picked up Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez but the question remains: Where will Jon Lester play next season?

Rumors of Lester’s return have been swirling around Red Sox Nation since his plane left Logan for Oakland this Summer but no decision has been made.  His latest team visit was with the San Francisco Giants near his home in Atlanta.  He has also met with the Chicago Cubs so there is really no knowing what his plans are.  The Lester camp has also said that he is not necessarily going to the highest bidder; that there are other factors, aside from money, that will factor in to his decision.


There’s no denying that the Red Sox have been pursuing a deal with Lester since the offer they made him this Spring did not work out.  It could be just a matter of time, or money, until Lester has a Red Sox hat on again.  The rumors and anticipation only seem to be helping Lester’s bank account.

Do you think Lester will be return to Boston?  If not, what other pitchers would you like to see in a Red Sox cap next season?

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