Will Jon Lester Return to Boston?

The rumor mill was working hard this week as to whether or not Jon Lester will return to the Red Sox next season.   Lester left Boston in a trade with the Oakland A’s just before the August 1st deadline; the trade shocked most of Red Sox nation.  People had been speculating his return to Boston since his plane to Oakland took off but the rumors began to settle down when his Newton home went on the market in the end of September.  The rumors reemerged this week when a “well-placed source” of the Red Sox said they are going “all in” for Lester’s return.

The source says that the Sox plan to make Lester a six-year deal; something that is unprecedented for a pitcher over the age of 30.  This would be two more years than the initial four year $70 million deal they offered to keep him on the team before his trade.  If the six year trade comes to fruition, it would be in the ballpark (pun) of $120 million or $20 million a  year.  In theory, this would bring Lester to the end of his baseball career as it would end when he is 37.

The Sox have never denied their intentions of getting Lester back; Larry Lucchino and Ben Cherington have repeatedly gone on the record saying they’ll do everything they can to get him back.  It’s clear that he left on amicable terms from his (awkward) hug with John Henry upon leaving Fenway.


What do you think will happen with Jon Lester?  Do you think he’s worth the money?

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